Vincent Ferrane, France

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Instagram: @vincentferrane


"Milky Way is a series of photos of my wife and our child during breastfeeding. The aesthetic aspect is determined by the nurture which imposes its geometry on bodies and on space they occupy. These images contain familiar echoes of classic icons but adorn themselves with modern elements. From these everyday moments, seized with harshness, without bitterness, emerges the force of exchanges between two beings and the milk becomes, as in the Greek legend of the Milky Way, the vector of a world under construction.

The series presented in the book is somewhat similar to a diary, it adopts a chronological way, spread over several months from the first days at the maternity until the last ones of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding appears as a rhythm that gradually takes its part in the others cycles of life, those of nature and the seasons, and of days and nights. It start with a frozen landscapes and ends in spring time. There are as well images taken at night that, except small details, look alike (same composition, same light). They structure the whole book as the metronome of this very special period like the pulse of a wooly parallel time dimension." - Vincent Ferrane