Rochi Leon, Peru


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Pachangara is a community located in the district of the same name, in Oyon Province, Lima, Peru. It has a population of approximately 239 people, from whom 127 are women. The main activities are agriculture and livestock.

Despite being near the capital in this community people are living in precarious conditions and with very basic resources. However, women in the community are characterized by being hardworking and strong, always concerned about generating an income through the work they develop, searching each day for their own economic independency, even when the income they are making is not that bountiful.

They are weavers, farmers, healers, raise animals, take care of their grandchildren, etc. All this in order to contribute to household expenses and give their children better opportunities.

Many prefer pants, in order to generate higher productivity in their duties. Others say that when they ask for money to their husbands and they tell them: ‘No’, it hurts, and so it’s best to avoid going through this hard time by making their own.

We must bear in mind that rural women face particular challenges, and in some cases these challenges are bigger when compared to the ones women of the city have while exercising their right.

In spite of these difficulties and having so few resources, these women are trying day by day to take a place inside their community. They seek for equal participation and equal opportunities in a country where machismo overflows.