Rachele Maistrello, italy

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One of Us

2015 / 2017

Series of 10 inkjet-prints, 100 x 150cm each (2015/2017)
objects and found family photographs, variable dimensions (2017)
“Tutti la chiamano la casa delle ragazze”, artist book (ed.of 200), self-published, produced by Studio CWZ&A, graphic design by Multiplo Studio, 2016

“Everyone calls it the girls’ house” is the name of a shared apartment which I moved into at the beginning of 2014.
Today, Sultane, Barbara, Alice e Nezka, five young painters between the ages of 25 and 29, still live in this house, in a little street in the center of Venice. This house still acts is a place in which to relive the echoes of a past, the small towns in the Balkans which they left at a young age, and where the girls can give space to their fears, their imaginations and their fantasies.
In 2015 I began to create sets in various spaces of the house, sometimes starting with domestic objects, other times taking inspiration from some of their memories, and so I left the scenographies set up for hours or days in the space, just the amount of time necessary to make them take confidence with the new environment and to stimulate a sincere interaction.
In this practice which sees the camera as a means through which to perform, the girls were conscious of their self-representation, and increasingly took part in this “game” inasmuch as I, part of the “tribe,” was behind the objective.
I sought to create a group of masks, in which the portrait was enlarged to a more extensive and abstract subject: “the house itself,” or rather an ag- glomerate of emotive mechanisms, profound and unconscious.
In the photographs of the series the faces are negated, to give space to a single face in which environment and subject mix in a camouflage which manages to transform the photographic document into a symbolic image tending toward painting, in which an abstraction of forms and of colors takes place.
The photographs which obtained lye in a boundary zone, somewhere between family portraits, reportage and staged imagery. They attain a hybrid form in which the relationships between individual and space, interior and exterior, objective and subjective, true and false are contradictory. This use of the camera moves out of my ordinary and quotidian experience and addresses underlying relational dynamics which necessitate a stage in which to redefine them and to hence show them in a new form.
// In 2017 I decided to add to the series the self-published book “Tutti la chiamano la casa delle ragazze” which collects drawings, family photographs and objects from the house.