Lilia Limiyan, turkmenistan

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Mature beauty

"We grow, become mature and than we are getting old, that’s the nature. We go through the first two stages with enthusiasm and interest but the process of getting old is absolutely different, especially for women.

It is common for a lot of women to feel dissatisfaction with their appearance and age doesn’t matter. They are so ashamed of their body that they can’t loosen up. The lesser of two evils is a diet, the greater is plastic surgery.

At one moment a woman becomes so addicted to some ideals, dictated by mass media and advertising, that the desire to be young and fresh forever struggles with natural processes. 

During the last 10 years the number of plastic surgeries in Russia rapidly increased. It is just enough to look around to see the tendency.

Glamorous and retouched cover girls with silicone shapes and sexual proportions are the ones who become a dream. Men want to be with them, women want to be like them. Is it possible that becoming mature, a woman loves the way she is and remains herself?

So many times I saw the mask of disgust on men’s faces when they looked at women with ample curves or at women which youth was left behind. These mature women interested me. I wanted to understand, whether they feel themselves beautiful, desirable and sexual, how they accept their bodies and how free they can be in front of the camera.

There are 13 women in my project. They are absolutely different. Each of them has her own story and motivation. During shooting process and conversation I was surprised and pleased with one observation - a woman who can be naked in front of the camera in real life is also a sincere and open person. She doesn’t need makeup, because she doesn’t play a role. She lives!"

- Lilia Limiyan