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Royal Generation, 2016

A photography project using the image of a young woman wearing handmade clothes made of raw materials using ancient basket techniques. Questioning how developed is Angolan Design today? Inviting the viewers to think further than African prints as identity and international design, which are often produced in Europe by European designers and sold to Africans. It is essential to produce and reinvent without forgetting our practices and traditions, emphasising the fact that today not only Africans but the world has a strong desire to find authenticness in Africa to construct modernity and tradition. There is a modern design limitation, old Angolan weave masters were never challenged to reconstruct and revive traditional crafts made with materials found and further developed in Angola. 

It is important to develop an answer to “what is behind the tribal masks?” and baskets it has been representing art coming from Africa as a souvenir and also as one of the most used objects in African art. It is time to study the different functions our materials have and the different stories one can tell with these traditional techniques.

- Keyezua