Ji Yeo, Korea

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Website: www.jiyeo.com

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somewhere on the path, i see you 

Somewhere on the Path, I see you, is a project made up of two series: On Scale and Dear Hollywood. On Scale deals with extreme self-regulation and distorted notions of beauty of those who suffer from eating disorders. Dear Hollywood deals with aspiring actresses and models living in Hollywood, California. By combining these two groups of women, I aim to portray the larger societal issue and to illuminate the profound position of  aesthetic judge the viewer inhabits. I bridge the gap between women with eating disorders and aspiring models, attempting to blur the lines between them and map their commonality. Both series portray a group of women that resort to extreme behavioural, focusing on the most minute details to achieve what they perceive as ideal, sexy or otherwise desirable. They get to know every detail of their, both real and imagined. They meticulously document everything they eat, calculating every calorie including water running up and down stairs to compensate for the few extra calories they may have had that day; they do master cleanses (such as: only drinking a mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper for ten days or drinking large quantities of vinegar in an effort to burn fat or drop weight). At the forefront of their thinking are strategies on how to present themselves to others.