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Am i what you're looking for?

"My work uses photographic narratives and video testimonies to examine the personal and contemporary stories of women of color working within corporate spaces.

The photographic series, “Am I What You’re Looking For?” focuses on young African- American women who are transitioning from the academic world to the corporate setting, capturing their struggles and uncertainties on how to best present themselves in the professional work space. Many of the women who participated in the project were my students at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. They disclosed personal difficulties and frustrations in securing employment after graduation. Employers would tell them that their natural hair was unprofessional or their name was too difficult to pronounce and would suggest they alter themselves for the job. These stories were all too familiar to my own struggles as a woman of color in the corporate space, but rarely are these stories shared with colleagues or management due to fear of rejection or lack of opportunities to address these issues.

Within the series, I asked each woman “What do you think about corporate America?” you will find their statements in the captions."

- Endia Beal