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Femicide is a term used to signify “the killing of a woman” in relation to conflicts of gender. Each year, approximately 50 femicides took place in Chile. Most of the killings were at the hands of the spouse or significant other, using domestic objects, bladed weapons or firearms. These cases take place throughout the country.

In spite of the similarities, each case has a specific story, “modus operandi”, raison d’être and significance. Each geographical location becomes a primary witness of these attacks and holds most of the details to each story, such as the weapons used, the family pictures, personal belongings, etc.

What happens to these places and objects today? After months or even years of having witnessed such violent stories, what can they tell us through their changes or extinction? These are the places and things that can help us portray and reconstruct the stories of the victims. Each triptych and diptych is a particular story of a woman who after died or experienced an extreme episode of violence becomes just a number for the population and even for the government, who fails on protect the women who suffer some kind of violence.

- Cristobal Olivares

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