Clara Giaminardi, italy 

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The reasons i cry

"In the darkness of the movie theatre, Anna Karina cries quietly as she watches tears stream down the face of Dreyer’s iconic Joan of Arc. This is one of Godard’s most memorable dialogue of images from his 1962 Vivre Sa Vie.

Cinematic tears, and the relationship between film and audience, are the starting point for The Reasons I Cry. It’s deeply inspired by the flow of emotion between the viewer and on screen narratives, and the capacity for empathy and the generalised experience referencing that of the individual.

The project is also an exploration of how female emotion is depicted in art and media, and how it is viewed in wider society. There is a taboo in honest and raw depictions of emotion from both genders, and a repression of their manifestations in the public space.

The Reasons I Cry looks at the sanitised and standardised depictions of emotion we are fed though film and tests their boundaries. The series goes from unsettlingly fake tears of joy to harsh, burning tears of anger. And in between one single, quiet tear."

Clara Giaminardi