Anja Carr, Norway

Contact: on request


Instagram: @anja_carr


Anja Carr works as an artist in Oslo, Norway, where she founded the pink gallery PINK CUBE in 2011, that she has been running alone for five years, with a majority of female exhibitors. Her performances in handmade costumes and home-like set-designs transform animals and toys in a colorful, adult world, eventually ending up as her photo-series «Moments» with one photo from each performance. The photographs follow a dream-or nightmarish logic with no limits between genders, humans and animals, children and adults. Maura Egan described the works in Travel + Leisure Magazine (NYC 2015): «Carr’s performance art, part My Little Pony, part Paul McCarthy, explores adolescence and sexuality.» - elaborated in iD Magazine (London 2017): «(...) children’s characters are often brought to life (...) pointing to the way domestic space is gender-coded, and shapes our psyche (...)»