Exhibition Program

Part of Photographing the Female is an international exhibition program that exists with the aim of telling stories that explore the incredible and diverse experience of being female around the world today. 

We work outside of the traditional gallery space and our approach is experimental and democratic above all. The goal is to engage as diverse an audience as possible from all over the world in a creative space where no one feels excluded.

‘We were honoured to host the world premiere of Photographing the Female at FOCUS Photography Festival Mumbai 2017. This important exhibition brings together works from around the world that inspire and create a springboard for conversation and debate. It was a highlight of the festival with audiences from all walks of life engaging with the content in meaningful and lasting ways.”

- Elise Foster Vander Elst, co-founder and director of FOCUS

The Willow School, New Jersey


FOCUS Photography Festival, Mumbai

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Magnetic Fields festival, Alsisar, india

Exhibiting artists