Abdollah Heidari, Iran

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I Want My Face

School fires in Iran are not uncommon, and causes the death of dozens of students. There have been six blazes that have engulfed schools since 1997 where several teachers and more than a hundred students have received burns. In a girls school of a far border village Shin Abad in northwestern Iran, defects in the heating system caused the biggest school blaze in Iran leading to the death of two students and severe burns in many others. 

Using non-standard heating systems and oil-burning heaters are the main reasons behind school blazes in the country. It leads to the loss of many lives and both physical and mental agony among the surviving students who not only suffer burns from the blaze but also end up losing their friends. In addition to their bodies, their spirits also burn in the loss of friendships they held before the tragedy deprived them of it. 

They try to regain the previous friendly relations with their parents and burned classmates with rational behaviours and intimate actions such as hugging, conversing about different subjects, making a sense of closeness to others, and the ability to develop deep relationships with other people. 

Every month, these girls and their parents traverse a 1000/km distance from their village in Tehran in the hope that they can regain their earlier face. Although according to doctors, the treatment is uncertain, many of them undergo surgeries for face and hand restoration in the hope of returning to their earlier way of living.